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Games For Kids

  • JumpStart
    Fun Game For Kids | Free 3D Games Online

    JumpStart is an online mmo sandbox styled game where players choose their own adventure. Early learners are encouraged to explore and immerge themselves into a 3D world built to be safe, engaging and to make learning fun! With over 20 years’ experience in the educational gaming industry the online and mobile games remain dedicated to making quality learning-based products that millions of kids love and parents and teachers trust.

  • School of Dragons
    School of Dragons
    Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game

    School of Dragons® is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) based on DreamWorks Animation’s How to Train Your Dragon (HTTYD) franchise. The game first launched on all web browsers in July 2013, and launched December 2013 on iPad to pioneer seamless mobile and online gameplay. This game is one of the first in the educational MMORPG space to provide this type of innovative technology — it allows players to progress in their game either on their mobile device, or on their web browser or Facebook. Just as with JumpStart’s existing online MMO properties, School of Dragons is a completely safe and secure online environment for all users. In School of Dragons, players raise and train their own dragon, interact with characters from the HTTYD franchise, and embark upon endless journeys and educational quests alongside their Viking pals in-game. With interactive clans and a whole 3D, immersive world to explore, School of Dragons is the ultimate HTTYD experience for any fan and gamer.

  • Neopets
    Fun Virtual Pet Games

    What’s not to love about pets! Explore the exciting virtual world of Neopets and take on challenges that will keep you coming back for more. Make your way to the virtual planet of Neopia to take charge of little pets that you can customize, feed, care for and train. Are you up for the challenge?

    Pet games are popular among people of all ages! If you love pets, these virtual ones will keep you company as you take them on quests and join in on all the activities this world has to offer. Virtual games such as these give you a sense of responsibility and community. You can even pass that on and gift your pets with pets of their own! Become a Neopian today and discover the joys of raising pets and guiding them through life!

  • World of Madagascar
    World of Madagascar
    JumpStart.com 3D online world

    JumpStart and DreamWorks Animation forged a strategic alliance in October 2012 that kicked off with the integration of DreamWorks’ world-renown Madagascar franchise. The fun characters from the franchise — including Alex the Lion, Marty, Melman and Gloria — come to life in the JumpStart.com 3D online world, giving young learners the chance to interact with their favorite animated characters as they learn and play. There are a variety of mobile apps available through the Madagascar and JumpStart brand, including Madagascar Preschool Surf N’ Slide, Madagascar: My ABCs, and Madagascar Math Ops.

  • Math Blaster
    Math Blaster
    Online MMORGP

    Math Blaster is an online mmorpg where Math is needed to save the universe. Players blast off to the Intergalactic Space Station and join Max Blaster and G.C. (Galactic Commander) on the adventures of a life time to protect the galaxy and all the strange, amazing creatures who inhabit it! Math Blaster is taking Math to a whole new level by making math fun and exciting in its online and mobile games. Mobile apps include Hyper Blast 2.0, Space Zapper and B-Force Blaster, as well as the full online game.

Other Games

  • Eudemons Online
    Eudemons Online
    2.5D Fantasy MMORPG

    Eudemons Online is a Free-To-Play 2.5D fantasy MMORPG. In this mythic world, you can choose to be a Warrior, a Mage, a Paladin, a Vampire, a Necromancer, a Shadow Knight, or a ranger. You will summon more than 100 Eudemons and head out on the path to the epic adventure.

  • Conquer Online
    Conquer Online
    2.5D Martial Arts MMORPG
    Conquer Online, a fast-paced, free-to-play fantasy MMORPG set in an ancient martial arts world, invites players to embark on epic quests, battle against fierce enemies, and explore vast landscapes. Join the adventure and become a legend in the world of Conquer Online!
  • Way of the Five
    Way of the Five
    2.5D Cartoon Turn-based MMORPG
    Way of the Five is the large-scale Q version turn-based online game. Way of the Five received award "Top Ten Promising Online Games"of Tencent China Online Game Award.
  • Conquer Online Mobile
    Conquer Online Mobile
    2.5D Martial Arts Mobile Game
    Conquer Online is a free ACTION MMORPG on your mobile devices. Play anytime, anywhere. Make international friends, explore oriental mysteries as a hero. Slay monsters, form guilds, defeat enemies using incredible skills in this PvP-oriented Conquer Online II! All this will only be achieved in this PvP oriented Conquer Online II!
  • غضب القراصنة
    غضب القراصنة
    Adventure Navigation Game
    غضب القراصنة is an adventure-themed navigation game that is developed by TQ Digital Entertainment for players in the Arab region. In the context of a great maritime navigation era, players play a young and ambitious but declining aristocrat. The player can beat vicious pirates, build a strong empire of the seas and dominate maritime navigation by developing fleets and sea trade, exploring ports, and seeking treasures.
  • Heroes Evolved
    Heroes Evolved
    Competitive 5v5 MOBA game
    Heroes Evolved - a free global strategy and action MOBA game where you will be a part of a 5-member  team aiming at destroying the enemy base!  It is a really fair and competitive hardcore MOBA in which there are 130+ unique heroes for you to  choose to battle against real rivals from all over the world.  You can make the most of your skills, teamwork,  intelligence and strategy to survive and succeed  in Heroes Evolved.