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NetDragon's Metaverse Push Energizes China-Hong Kong Ties

The annual Digital China Summit returned to Fuzhou last month, with NetDragon once more among the key partners after seven years involved. On the 24th, a forum on Fujian-Hong Kong digital economic synergies took place at the sprawling Fuzhou Digital China Convention and Exhibition Center. In attendance was Tam Yiu-chung, Secretary General of the Hong Kong Coalition and member of the 13th National People's Congress Standing Committee.


Emil Chen, NetDragon Websoft Vice President and Associate Dean of Beijing Normal University's Institute for Smart Learning, later took the stage. In his keynote address, Chen showed how the firm used its technical strengths to spark fresh cooperation between the regions, offering vivid case studies.



With their tight geographical and personal bonds plus robust exchanges, Fujian presents an natural ally for Hong Kong investment while the city offers an ideal springboard for Fujian names aiming bigger. Their intensifying cultural and trade links open up massive potential for both digital economies.



As a startup that got its start in Fujian before floating shares in Hong Kong, NetDragon remains tightly plugged into local partnerships. It continuously activates fresh cooperation through cutting-edge metaverse platforms. In 2021, the firm dazzled Hong Kong with an immersive light show commemorating the CPC centennial. Using projection mapping to beam historic turning points onto neon-lit stages, the exhibition took viewers on a time-bending trip through the Party's first 100 years. From the epoch-defining Nanchang Uprising to the Autumn Harvest rebels and snowy Zunyi Conference, high-tech visuals and VR brought pivotal moments to life. The vibrant interactive experience drew big crowds who were mesmerized by the spectacle, catching CCTV's national spotlight.


Moving forward, Chen said NetDragon will persist innovating multimedia technologies that engage people while building wider industry synergy around these innovations and the metaverse.



To deepen Fujian-Hong Kong synergies, NetDragon joined forces with publishing powerhouse Sino United (SUP) for the Book Fair launch of their SUP Metaverse Town. Celebrating 35 years in print, the virtual exhibit let visitors tour SUP through the lenses of NetDragon's elite 3D tools, design savvy and leading metaverse technologies.


Recreated digital spaces like a central square, publishing community and bookstore-lined "street" brought SUP's divisions and developments to life. Now readers can get lost in whole new worlds, browsing and reading across SUP's catalogue while chatting real-time with authors and fellow bookworms. It unlocked fresh potential for collaborative learning and cultural outreach that had Hong Kong's youth buzzing.


Chen noted the partnership has inaugurated a whole new chapter for digital publishing through such boundary-pushing explorations. It expanded our cultural horizons while cementing the metaverse's limitless, diverse possibilities. As NetDragon further hones its acute edge across digital education and other burgeoning fields, it will fully activate red-hot Fujian-Hong Kong synergy thanks to their proprietary tech, product and resource arsenal. Working hand-in-hand, they aim to engineer globally dominant digital clusters that strengthen the region's position at the vanguard of this innovation revolution.