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NetDragon Draws Eyes with Mixed-Reality Sandbox on Seventh Digital China Summit Stage

Huanqiu.com, Fuzhou, May 25


For the seventh straight year, Chinese tech giant NetDragon Websoft (referred to as “NetDragon”) stole the show at the Digital China Summit with its cutting-edge displays and imaginative demonstrations of emerging technologies. Visitors could immerse themselves in interactive sandboxes built from interlocking toy blocks, transporting themselves back in time through augmented reality (AR) glasses layered over the miniature landscape. Attendees also engaged in lively virtual conversations with photorealistic digital avatars and experienced the thrill of VR motorcycle simulations that heightened the senses.


A veteran partner at this premier government tech conference, NetDragon introduced these educational LEGO projects for the first time. Their booth integrated numerous digital education products including the EDA platform, Future Lab, NCET Vlab, AR technology from Rokid, VR Editor, and the regional platform for smart education in primary and secondary schools. Together, they formed an entirely new vision of the future space for learning.


Additional displays by NetDragon highlighted solutions spanning industry-education integration, global vocational education cooperation of Fuzhou Software Technology Vocational College (FSTVC), the Unreal Engine Center of Digital Education Town, "IP+" operations of NetDragon Taverse, light exhibitions from NetDragon Pictures, and the Digital Party Building Academy. These cutting-edge applications of AI and innovation are fueling new productivity in education, cultural tourism, "IP+" industries, and e-sports.


According to NetDragon Vice President Simon Leung, this year's exhibition spotlighted how the next wave of digital advances can empower education and unleash human potential. By cultivating innovation from every angle - from hardware to software to holistic solutions - they aimed to fuel productive progress across industries and enrich society through knowledge.



Debut of the Interactive LEGO Sandbox


Massive landscapes crafted from LEGO bricks stopped reporters in their tracks at one booth. Using tablets, representatives demonstrated rich immersive experiences built on the block world they constructed. Nearly a million LEGO pieces and some 7,000 hours of work went into designing educational history vignettes. Combining AI, VR, AR and digital displays, attendees found themselves transported to China's famed Long March and ancient poets marveling at feats of engineering.



Emil Chen, NetDragon VP, noted the company had had a "Eureka!" moment mashing traditional toy sandboxes with futuristic tech. He said their product let kids build scenarios from the past while seamlessly layering on augmented reality, pulling students deeper into rich traditions. Get this - it also includes quizzes and discussions, giving a blended online/offline learning experience. Chen believes this energizes the learning process and enhances outcomes, helping kids absorb knowledge and appreciate history in a fun, relaxed way.



NetDragon's ed-sandbox represents a new path for blended learning environments. It is poised to become a significant direction for museums and memorials to display related content, helping the public and students understand perspectives differently in hands-on, imaginative ways that ignite their natural curiosity.



Deeper Global Vocational Education Cooperation and Industry-Education Integration


At the NetDragon booth, an intense esports competition also drew quite a crowd.



In recent years, the esports industry has risen strongly, becoming an important driver for local digital economies. Experts say integrating vocational education with industry is one path for healthy esports growth. FSTVC, which NetDragon now operates, was one of Fujian's first schools to offer esports operation and management majors. Backed by NetDragon's professional instructors and advanced hardware, it's spurring fast development of the esports sector. Currently, FSTVC serves as a council member for Fujian Esports Industry Association. The Xiang Xiong Esports Club, based in NetDragon's Digital Education Town, launched in December 2023 and has since hosted multiple esports series and tryouts to cultivate more talent in the field.


Beyond esports, NetDragon is driving deeper fusion of education and various industries in the Digital Education Town. Through joint construction of specialties, vocational academies and virtual training hubs, it's partnered with schools like Beijing Normal University, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Hubei University of Technology and Macau University of Science and Technology.


Additionally, NetDragon is leveraging its tech edge to design an "International Vocational Education Solution" within a data-driven metaverse-based skills ecosystem. Working with FSTVC and NetDragon Putian Education, it's strongly promoting "Going Global for Vocational Education". Current partners include Royal University of Phra Nakhon in Thailand, King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi in Thailand, Thammasat University in Thailand, King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok in Thailand, Nanyang Polytechnic in Singapore, and the Business and Hotel Management in Lucerne Switzerland.


Simon Leung noted the Digital China Summit had become the most authoritative, high-level and professional open sharing and partnership platform for the digital realm. As a lead in Fujian's digital economy and education, NetDragon will keep leveraging strengths to cultivate new educational productivity powering quality growth of Fujian's digital economy.