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Bits and Bytes Bring Education to Its Playful Future

People's Daily Online, Fuzhou, May 24 (By Lin Ying and Huang Dongyi)


At this year's Digital China Summit, eye-catching sandbox displayed at the "Digitally Enriched Culture" pavilion recreated iconic moments from China's past with nearly one million interlocking toy blocks.



This was the debut of NetDragon's education-themed interactive brick sandbox projects. With projection mapping, AI, AR and VR technologies, cave dwellings in Northern Shaanxi and scenes like the Zunyi Conference and Battle of Luding Bridge sprang vividly to life before our eyes.


Staff said the projects blended traditional toy construction with digital interactions to make learning entertaining and impactful. By viewing historical reconstructions through augmented lenses, students can immerse themselves in red culture and classical poems in new ways.



A NetDragon spokesperson shared this represented the company's ambition to design "learn-through-play" experiences for future education spaces. Such multi-dimensional storytelling would increasingly influence how museums shared knowledge through hands-on discovery and imagination.


Company VP Simon Leung elaborated on NetDragon's growing cultural and educational outreach success in recent years. Their innovative displays are poised to entertain visitors across 30+ countries as part of efforts introducing Chinese heritage globally through various languages.



As technologies redefine learning, transformation is unfolding before our eyes. Digital avatars imbue interactivity into livestreaming lessons. Twist a VR microscope lens or adjust its camera to plunge into a microscopic world. Slip on VR goggles to experience motorcycling thrills firsthand.



Beyond NetDragon's eye-catching giant sandboxes, visitors glimpsed education's high-tech future: the EDA platform paving new paths for future smart education; Future Lab empowering independent STEM exploration for middle and high school learners; NCET Vlab leveraging AI and VR to make science hands-on under ministry guidance; Regional Smart Education Platform for Primary and Secondary Schools applying innovations to establish benchmark intelligent platforms for all.


These digital tools offer a glimpse of boundless possibilities for global pedagogy.



Simon Leung noted the showcase featured NetDragon's next-gen tech applications under the theme "Education Pioneers the Future of Shared Productivity". Going forward, the company is committed to empowering digital education through a comprehensive approach, encompassing hardware, software, and all-in-one solutions.