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NetDragon Announces a 50M-RMB New Education Public Welfare Initiative

As a leading force in digital education, NetDragon is committed not only to expanding its educational offerings but also making a positive social impact through philanthropy. The highly anticipated 7th annual "Elernity Cup Information Technology Teaching Design Competition for Primary and Secondary Teachers", organized by NetDragon's subsidiary Elernity, has recently launched. This prestigious event stands as one of China's most extensive and participated-in information technology education public welfare competitions.

In an insightful profile titled NetDragon Announces a 50M-RMB New Education Public Welfare Initiative, China Daily provided an overview of NetDragon's unwavering dedication to leveraging technology for equitable, inclusive education access. The article garnered significant traction and recognition from leading media outlets including Xinhua News Agency.

In-depth report by China Daily.
Republished on Xinhua News Agency's website.

Here's an excerpt from the article:

NetDragon Announces a 50M-RMB New Education Public Welfare Initiative

The 7th edition of the "Elernity Cup", a highly anticipated Information Technology Teaching Design Competition for primary and secondary school teachers, has commenced lately. As one of the most extensive and widely participated public welfare events in the field of information technology education in China, the "Elernity Cup" aims to enhance teachers' instructional design and information technology application capabilities, providing a platform for showcasing the achievements of information technology integration in education. To date, the competition has successfully held six editions, with over 200,000 participating teachers and more than 72,000 schools involved.

According to incomplete statistics, NetDragon has made significant investments in education public welfare initiatives in recent years, with cumulative donations of educational resources and funds exceeding 50 million RMB. While expanding its digital education business, NetDragon remains steadfast in fulfilling its role as an educational enterprise by actively supporting social welfare causes.

2019 Elernity Cup competition

Edmodo Classroom: Free Tool for 9.7M Teachers with 35.76M+ Installations

Elernity’s flagship edtech product Edmodo Classroom has supported the "Elernity Cup" teaching competition for six consecutive years, providing comprehensive event, instructional design and production services. Additionally, through its "7:30 Study Academy" public platform, Edmodo Classroom delivers free weekly lectures on topics such as micro-courses and instructional design to over 3.3 million students and a total of 16.5 million views in four years.

A NetDragon spokesperson noted China's 2024 National Education Conference emphasized strengthening teachers as crucial to building educational excellence. Leveraging the "Elernity Cup", NetDragon aims to empower teachers nationwide through technological advancements in instructional technology.

Designed for educators, Edmodo Classroom is a professional, integrated and free software tool. Committed to public service since launching, it has offered over 770,000 complimentary teaching resources including lesson plans, courseware and micro-courses to its 9.7 million teachers across China's 32 provinces and municipalities. Currently with over 35.76 million installations, the software provides multi-region access.


"AI+ Education" Public Welfare Model: Boost for Teacher’s ICT Upskilling


Beyond swiftly accessing resources, Edmodo Classroom explores new public welfare models through "AI+ Education". It introduces the "AI Assistant" to take on teaching personas, record each student's learning journey, generate tailored plans, and engage in interactive Q&A with students. This creates an efficient "classroom of the future" with comprehensive teacher assistance.

The software also offers multi-platform recording and cloud storage, allowing educators to build personalized digital libraries.

Beyond free use, Elernity actively gives back through donations. Edmodo Classroom integrated systems, smart clickers and other hardware/software have been provided to regions including Guangxi and Xinjiang to strengthen local educators' information technology skills.

Elernity has been donating digital educational resources for years.

50M+ RMB Investments in Education Public Welfare: Fulfilling Social Responsibilities


Since entering education in 2010, NetDragon has advocated for stronger teacher information technology skills through initiatives like Edmodo Classroom. The company is also committed to disseminating high-quality digital resources via platforms such as Edmodo Academy, Future School and Promethean.

Leveraging educational resources, NetDragon has donated products to schools in regions including Qinghai, Guizhou, Tibet, Anhui, Fujian, Yunnan and Sichuan, elevating their digital standards. Since 2020 through the Ministry of Education, NetDragon's Elernity has contributed over 7 million RMB in VR innovation smart labs, virtual experiment products and resources to locales in Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi. Elernity also actively participates in Beijing Normal University's rural teacher cultivation program, advancing rural education.

Elernity's participation in the inauguration ceremony of the "Rural Teacher Incentive Program".

From creating free products and resources to providing financial aid, NetDragon remains dedicated to technology empowering society for good. Its efforts advance digital learning while promoting equitable, inclusive access - exemplifying core corporate social responsibility. NetDragon's exemplary dedication has earned acclaim from the Ministry of Education's Science and Technology Division plus awards including "Internet Industry Public Welfare" and "Global Network-Practicing Responsibility".