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NetDragon Honored Again as “Cultural Industry Demonstration Base at National Level"

At the recent 2024 Fujian Province Cultural and Tourism Economy Development Conference held in Quanzhou, NetDragon was proudly represented as a verified "Cultural Industry Demonstration Base at National Level". Vice President Lin Yun attended on behalf of the digital leader, which first received this prestigious designation in 2006 and has now successfully requalified through a rigorous reassessment process as one of only three Fujian companies to maintain this status.

NetDragon received the "Cultural Industry Demonstration Base at National Level" certification in 2006 and passed the review in 2024.

In March, China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced the latest cohort of National Level Cultural Industry Demonstration Bases following a comprehensive selection spanning applications, provincial reviews, and evaluations. Fujian accounted for 12 of the new approved bases, while three existing pioneers including NetDragon were retained.

China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced a new list of Cultural Industry Demonstration Bases at National Level, including those that passed the review.

As a pioneering force in Fujian's flourishing digital sector, NetDragon continuously explores innovative applications of technologies within education and cultural tourism. The company has achieved continual accolades including listings among China's top 30 cultural enterprises and top 100 internet companies for eleven consecutive years, in addition to recognition within the Forbes Global 2000.

NetDragon's achievements in leveraging digital technology for cultural tourism and education have been featured in the People's Daily (Overseas Edition).

Leveraging its flagship Digital Education Town, NetDragon has also established a global hub for educational content production promoting worldwide adoption of digital solutions. The duo has established a clear roadmap revolving around "digital education" and "global innovation" and channeled progress through three sectors - educational services, digital training, and digital cultural/tourism experiences. Going forward, NetDragon will collaborate with other industry leaders to spearhead innovation, foster intelligent advancements, and cultivate talent. Together, they will cultivate a thriving digital education industry cluster, serving as a potent catalyst for the growth of the digital economy.