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NetDragon's AI Leader Tang Yu Named China's Best Virtual Employee of 2024

At the recent 2024 China Digital Human Industry Forum and Press Conference on the Industrial Development White Paper closed in Guangzhou, China, over 1,000 companies from across the sector gathered to recognize outstanding enterprise brands, products, and platforms in this emerging field. After a intensive selection process, Tang Yu, NetDragon's AI-driven rotating CEO, was awarded the coveted title of "China's Best Virtual Employee of the Year".



This prestigious honor aims to inspire and endorse digital human-related products, solutions, and services that demonstrate technological innovation and hold immense potential for application. By championing these advancements, it paves the way for a thriving digital human ecosystem that is poised to shape the future of the digital economy. Tang Yu's well-deserved recognition not only underscores her highly acclaimed technical prowess but also signifies her alignment with the prevailing trends of the industry.


lChen Changjie, Vice President of NetDragon and General Manager of Taverse, delivers a keynote speech on "Applications and Practices of Digital Humans".


A fruit of NetDragon's cutting-edge ultra-realistic digital human technology, Tang Yu's high-fidelity 3D representation and interactivity are enhanced through integration of big data and AI - uniquely qualifying her for dynamic management roles.


lJiang Hongyu (far left), Senior Director of IP Operations at NetDragon, accepts the "China's Best Virtual Employee of the Year" award.


Personifying NetDragon's focus on collaborative AI, Tang Yu serves as an AI analyst driven by the organization's collective intelligence. Since joining as Vice President in 2018, her exceptional service led to her promotion to rotating CEO of organizational affairs and strategic execution four years later.

Led by Tang Yu, NetDragon's "AI Employee" team has transformed the company's operations. They handle diverse tasks, including document approvals, intelligent project tracking, employee performance evaluations, and comprehensive training on company systems and culture. With an impressive track record of processing over 300,000 approval forms, issuing nearly 500,000 task reminders and warnings, and mentoring over 40,000 colleagues annually on professional growth, Tang Yu and her team have significantly elevated NetDragon's efficiency and productivity.


lTang Yu, rotating CEO of NetDragon, talks with an employee.


As digital human technologies increasingly empower business innovation and productivity, NetDragon's pioneering work personified by Tang Yu not only propels the company's own growth but also sets new benchmarks for the industry. Looking ahead, Tang Yu will continue to leverage her extraordinary AI management capabilities, contributing to NetDragon's ongoing success and further advancing the application and development of digital human technology across various domains.