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Experts Attended the 9th Beijing Normal University Smart Learning Academic Week with Important Achievements Announced

From January 8th to 12th, the 9th Beijing Normal University Smart Learning Academic Week was held in Beijing, hosted by Beijing Normal University. This academic week, themed "Design and Future Education", invited experts, scholars, business representatives, teachers, and students from various fields globally to discuss the integration of education, technology, and design, and share the latest research results and cases.

Unveiling ceremony of the "Design and Learning" course

Professor Liu Dejian, Co-Dean of SLIBNU and Chairman of NetDragon attended the ceremony. Dr. Simon Leung, Vice Chairman of NetDragon and Chairman and CEO of Elernity, Chen Changjie, Vice Dean of SLIBNU and Vice President of NetDragon, Lin Yuandong, Vice President of NetDragon and Founder and CEO of Chivox, and Misa Zhu, Founder and CEO of Rokid, each attended different forums, delivered keynote speeches, and shared insights on future-oriented educational products and solutions.

Unveiling of the "Design and Learning" course

As a highlight of this academic week, the Smart Learning Institute of Beijing Normal University unveiled the "Design and Learning" global course. This set of achievements comprises a Chinese textbook, Design and Learning, for higher education, an English book, Envisioning the Future of Education Through Design, co-authored by domestic and international experts, and a new Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) developed based on AI technology, titled "The Design & Learning". Liu Yongqiang, Director of Curriculum and Laboratory Bureau of the Higher Education Department, Ministry of Education, Song Weizu, Founder of the Beijing Design Society and Deputy Director of Central Cultural Committee of the Democratic League, Zhou Ya, Vice Academic Dean of Beijing Normal University, Wu Fati, Dean of School of Educational Technology, Beijing Normal University, Luan Xuedong, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Beijing Normal University Publishing Group, Professor Liu Dejian, Co-Dean of SLIBNU and Chairman of NetDragon, Professor Huang Ronghuai, Co-Dean of SLIBNU, and Chen Changjie, Vice Dean of SLIBNU and Vice President of NetDragon, jointly unveiled the achievements.

Liu Dejian attending the opening ceremony

Professor Huang Ronghuai introduces the “Design and Learning” course

This set of achievements was co-authored by Professor Liu Dejian and Professor Huang Ronghuai, and was created in collaboration with experts from home and abroad, aiming to integrate design thinking into educational teaching. Through "project-based learning", it seeks to assist university students in education-related majors to use design to address complex educational issues and enhance their innovative design capabilities for future education.

Professor Huang Ronghuai expressed the hope that through this set of achievements, more and more teachers and students will participate in the dialogue and practice of future education design.

Director Liu Yongqiang stated that the global course "Design and Learning" encourages global university students to engage in interdisciplinary and cross-cultural collaboration. It inspires them to use design thinking to address complex future educational issues, providing an opportunity to cultivate innovative talents adaptable to the future.

Deputy Director Song Weizu believes that the global course "Design and Learning" brings together the wisdom of experts from the design and education sectors. Through textbooks, books, and MOOCs, it creates a set of comprehensive learning resources for learners, serving as a successful case in smart education design.

Chinese textbook Design and Learning (left), English book Envisioning the Future of Education Through Design (middle), The Design & Learning MOOC (right)

Explore Future Education Together

Dr. Simon Leung attended the "On-Demand Learning and Future Experiments" themed forum online and delivered a speech titled "Future of Education". He believes that future education will focus more on personalization, and one-size-fits-all educational models will no longer be applicable. Technological advancements will enable more students to engage in personalized learning. In the envisioned future of education, learning can take place anywhere, with classrooms becoming centers for inspiration and collaboration, while teachers remain crucial.

Dr. Simon Leung gives a speech online

Chen Changjie hosted the opening ceremony and delivered a speech titled "Play-learning Practice on Future Educational Spaces" at the forum on "Educational Digital Transformation and Future Learning Space Design". He introduced the exploration and practices of NetDragon and the Digital Education Town in shaping the future educational spaces. He expressed the hope to effectively integrate digital technologies such as artificial intelligence with existing educational and learning models, exploring the future education that is more effective, efficient, and engaging.

Chen Changjie hosts the opening ceremony and delivers a speech

Lin Yuandong delivered a speech titled "Evolution of Educational Technology: From Improvement to Integration" at the forum on "Typical Applications and Challenges of AIGC in Schools". He expressed that in the movement of improving educational technology, machines continuously reduce the repetitive teaching labor, and some of the teacher's tasks can be replaced by machines. On the other hand, the movement of integrating education and technology emphasizes the crucial role of teachers in nurturing students, an aspect that cannot be replaced by machines or technology.

Lin Yuandong delivers a speech online

Misa Zhu, Founder and CEO of Rokid, participated online in the forum on "Typical Applications and Challenges of AIGC in Schools" and delivered a speech titled "Embarking on the Global Era of Spatial Computing". He expressed that AR has long been hailed as the technology most likely to become the next-generation personal computing platform after mobile internet, and now that era has arrived.

Misa Zhu delivers a speech online