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NetDragon Appears at Multiple National-level Events

2023 China International Fair For Trade In Services, China - Central Asia Cooperation Forum,

2023 World Manufacturing Convention, China Digital Publishing Expo,

National Defense Education Month, Top 10 Cultural Enterprises Exhibition,

Digital Cultural Tourism Exhibition


During the golden autumn season, NetDragon showcased its products and solutions at several national-level events, providing further insights into NetDragon's digital innovation achievements. The company attracted significant attention from numerous distinguished guests and authoritative media.




NetDragon, as a leading enterprise in Fujian's digital economy and one of the key service trade enterprises, participated in the 2023 China International Fair for Trade in Services, the world's first national and international service trade fair. NetDragon showcased its cutting-edge digital technology products, including the Hyper-Realistic Virtual Human Live Streaming solution and NCET Virtual Experiments, demonstrating new models and opportunities in service trade under digital development.


Wang Jinfu, Vice Governor of Fujian Province, Huang Dezhi, Deputy Director of the Department of Commerce of Fujian Province, and Yu Chuanfu, Deputy Inspector of the Department of Commerce of Fujian Province, visited NetDragon's booth to inspect and expressed appreciation for the innovative achievements in smart education.





As a leading company in the global expansion of digital education, NetDragon was invited to participate in the 10th China - Central Asia Cooperation Forum. Chen Hong, CTO of Elernity (subsidiary of NetDragon) and Senior Vice President of NetDragon, shared experiences in "Education Going Global" during the roundtable forum on "Strengthening Digital Development Cooperation", and was interviewed by several authoritative media outlets, such as Toppress from Kazakhstan, Fujian TV, Xiamen TV, and Xiamen Daily. Reports on the forum were featured on the platforms, including Fujian Daily, the official website of the People’s Government of Fujian Province, and Xuexi Qiangguo.



NetDragon participated in the event "Vigorous Efforts to Strengthen National Defense, Steadfast Progress Towards Rejuvenation" during the National Defense Education Month, and showcased the first learning space of National Defense Education Metaverse. Developed in collaboration with the Propaganda Department of Fujian Province, this project serves as a digital interactive platform for national defense education, aiming to provide an innovative learning experience in national defense education. Lin Tong, General Manager of the Digital Education Town, attended the event.





As the guest of honor, Fujian showcased itself at the 2023 World Manufacturing Convention. NetDragon, as a leading enterprise in Fujian's digital economy, was invited to exhibit several of its products in Fujian's exhibition area, including the Hyper-Realistic Virtual Human Live Streaming application and Rokid glasses, demonstrating the innovative development achievements in the digital industry. NetDragon attracted strong attention from participants and visitors.




NetDragon, along with its classic digital intellectual properties (IP), participated in the 13th China Digital Publishing Expo. Lin Chen, Senior Vice President of NetDragon, was invited to speak at the "Digital IP Authorization" sub-forum. NetDragon showcased its innovative achievements in digital IP through various forms such as videos, AR interactions, and physical exhibits, attracting attention from media outlets, including China Publishing & Media Journal and China Daily.


Zhang Jianchun, Deputy Minister of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, and Zhang Yongxia, member of the Standing Committee of Gansu Province and Minister of the Propaganda Department, visited NetDragon's booth for inspection.




NetDragon participated in the Fujian Top 10 Cultural Enterprises conference - the "Fujian Culture Leads the Future" exhibition, hosted by the Propaganda Department of Fujian Province. NetDragon was honored as one of the Fujian Top 10 Cultural Enterprises, and the award was received by Yu Biao, Senior Vice President and Chairman of Elernity (China), on behalf of the company. This marks the tenth time that NetDragon has been listed on this prestigious ranking.


At this exhibition, NetDragon showcased its digital cultural innovation achievements, including the 2023 National Two Sessions AR Reports, EDA (Edmodo Academy) Platform, Overall Digital Human Solution, and Future Experiment. The event garnered attention from authoritative media outlets such as Fujian Daily, Fujian TV, Fuzhou TV, and Southeast News.




NetDragon showcased its products, including the Three Lanes and Seven Alleys AR Interactive Panel and the Overall Digital Human Solution, at the Fujian Province Digital Culture and Tourism Promotion Conference, which was held under the guidance of the Science and Education Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, jointly organized by the Fujian Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, the Provincial Cyberspace Administration, the Provincial Digital Administration, and the People's Government of Longyan City. Su Qingci, a member of the Party Group of the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and Deputy Director, and other leaders visited NetDragon's booth for guidance. Huang Minghua, Senior Planning Director of NetDragon, delivered a speech titled "Creating a New Space for Cultural Tourism with Immersive Light and Shadow" during the technical application sharing session, showcasing NetDragon's innovative achievements and cases in empowering the cultural tourism industry with advanced digital technology.




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