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NetDragon Invited to Share Experience in "Education Going Global" on 10th China-Central Asia Cooperation Forum

NetDragon Invited to Share Experience in "Education Going Global" on 10th China-Central Asia Cooperation Forum.


One of the sub-forums, the Digital Economy Cooperation Sub-forum, was held on September 9th. The purpose of this sub-forum is to promote the shared opportunities for digital development in Fujian and the five Central Asian countries, share advanced technology and manufacturing experience, further open the market, deepen practical cooperation, and achieve mutually beneficial, win-win outcomes. Kang Tao, a member of the Party Group of the People's Government of Fujian Province, and Jalyn Jeenaliev, Deputy Director of the National Investment Agency under the President of the Kyrgyz Republic, attended the sub-forum and delivered speeches.




As a leading internet enterprise in Fujian and a representative of digital economy enterprises, NetDragon was invited to participate in the forum's welcome dinner, opening ceremony, and closing ceremony. The company actively engaged in the Digital Economy Sub-forum. Alongside other representatives, Chen Hong, the representing NetDragon, discussed the theme of "Gathering new digital forces, collaborating for future innovation" and explored digital economy innovation and cooperation in the context of the digital era. Chen Hong also hosted the roundtable forum on "Strengthening Cooperation on Digital Development" and shared NetDragon's experience in "education going global".


In addition, NetDragon will donate 5 Promethean interactive panels to each of the five Central Asian countries and provide 10,000 free learning accounts of an online education platform for each country for one year. The donation was announced at the closing ceremony of the main forum and included in the list of achievements for this forum.


(First from left: Chen Hong)



In recent years, Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, block chain, and other technologies have rapidly advanced and increasingly integrated into the entire process of economic and social development. The development of the digital economy is unprecedented in terms of speed, scope, and depth of influence. It is becoming a key force in reorganizing factors of production worldwide, reshaping the global economic structure, and changing the global competition landscape.


NetDragon started its education business in 2010 and has expanded its presence in the education market to cover 192 countries and regions worldwide through mergers, investments, and other means. It has forged strategic cooperation with more than 20 countries along the "Belt and Road" route, including Kazakhstan and Tajikistan in Central Asia.


Chen Hong introduced, "In 2018, NetDragon signed a memorandum of understanding with Tajikistan and launched comprehensive cooperation in three fields: national informatization, education informatization, and enterprise informatization. NetDragon has also established 20,000 classrooms equipped with Promethean interactive panels in Kazakhstan, providing more efficient and convenient online training services."


As a leading enterprise and representative in the field of global digital education expansion, NetDragon was invited to share the successful experience of "education going global". As a keynote speaker at the roundtable forum, Chen Hong emphasized that in today's international community, we are increasingly interconnected and interdependent. The same principle applies to businesses when engaging in international cooperation. By adopting a new perspective of "a community with a shared future for mankind," we can seek common interests and value in order to achieve consensus and win-win outcomes. In summary, we should persist in using technology to promote digital education, tailor customized digital education products and solutions based on the local context, and empower partners with digital education literacy to achieve mutual creation and success.



(Chen Hong)


NetDragon has been strategically involved in digitalizing education content and resources, as well as virtualizing teaching experiences since entering the education field in 2010. The company has built an ecosystem of educational products comprising hardware, software, and content. NetDragon has developed a comprehensive digital education solution covering all teaching scenarios from pre-class preparation to in-class activities and post-class assignments. Currently, NetDragon has established a vast content resource library with abundant 3D materials, developed over 1.4 million learning objectives, and created AI courseware covering major subjects in primary and junior high schools in China. The software "101 Education PPT" has been installed on millions of devices, and the Promethean Interactive Panel remains a leader in the international market. In August of this year, at the "2023 Global Smart Education Conference" jointly hosted by Beijing Normal University and the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education, NetDragon launched Edmodo Academy (EDA), a globally oriented public smart education platform. EDA aims to build a global collaborative and sharing ecosystem for digital education.


This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative, and China's relations with Central Asian countries have entered a new era. During interviews with domestic and foreign media, Chen Hong expressed that the focus of this forum's parallel session on "Digital Economy" fully leveraged the advantages of Fujian province and accurately grasped the trends in global economic development. It has also provided an excellent platform for cooperation between Fujian enterprises and Central Asian countries. As an enterprise, NetDragon will continue to respond actively to national initiatives, seize historic opportunities, and, through global collaboration and sharing, work together with Central Asian countries and other countries worldwide to share “China’s Solution" for digital education. NetDragon aims to contribute to China-Central Asia cooperation and promote innovation and development in global education.