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Design Brightens Future — Successful Conclusion of the First NetDragon International Internship Program

They are creative dream makers;

However, the talent for design finds no place to shine;

They love learning, and do well in practice;

However, academic theories always conflict with practice;

They brain, and express more;

However, no fellows to work together.

This time, this place, nothing can block.

NetDragon International Internship Program -- a stage for you to show design and creativity.

In June, 2014, NetDragon started a regular international talent exchange program, NetDragon International Internship Program. The first session themed “Design Makes Fun in Summer” attracted more than 30 international interns from the United States, Taiwan and China Mainland. During the two-month internship, they got inspiration through design methods learning and exchanges of creative ideas, and presented their own design works as the end of the internship.

As requested by NetDragon’s spirit of “Excellence”, the company elaborately built a learning platform integrated with theoretical knowledge, design practice and cultural atmosphere for the interns all over the world. Through the program, the interns acquired cutting-edge design philosophies and methods, and also felt the warm and cozy working atmosphere like home.

The Most Impressive Design Method to Learn

NetDragon’s senior design genius gave design methodology lessons. Before getting immersed into the design work, the interns were given a two-week course of design methodology which helped establish a complete and practical workflow of design and gradually guided them to participate in the design research of every program. It turned out to be a positive force in the formation of primary research ability, sturdy theoretical basis, and fully charged the interns with design energy before they advanced to the next stage.

The Most Popular Exchange of Design Ideas

Brighter flame of creativity was generated among the interns with different languages, different culture backgrounds within a limited time. During the internship, the company organized the interns of different genders and different nationalities into groups for various brain challenge activities, such brain storming and card system. After emptying out ideas from the brain, the groups drew a sketch of their thoughts for a competition. The event combined fun, struggle, laugh, anxiety and competiveness, giving the interns an intensive and unforgettable experience.

More Chances to Practice

Taking an internship without a chance to practice means nothing. While in NetDragon, the internship program will never be engaged in idle theorizing, but requires more practices. From simple tools to high-tech 3D printer, the company has provided a variety of materials and devices for the interns to unleash their creativity and substantiate their ideas, and then adopt an attitude to learn from practices.

At the final stage, the interns presented their internship reports and shared their design ideas. NetDragon’s senior designers also gave comments and suggestions on every intern’s design work, in the hope that everyone can achieve progress and growth by learning from each them. The event attracted public attention, and was widely reported by many journalists from more than ten mainstream medias and websites, including Fujian Daily, Fujian TV, and Fujian offices of Xinhua News Agency, China News Service, Xinhuanet.

The Most Intimate Creative Design Team

There were a series of cultural events designed for the interns after work. They visited NetDragon’s office which delivered a strong sense of design and participated in amazing staff activities, to understand the essence of NetDragon’s culture. By travelling around the coastal city, they learned about Fuzhou’s history, and felt a tidal wave of special design in Fujian. What’s more, after days and nights of learning and working together, these interns with different culture backgrounds have established deep friendships and achieved beautiful memories.

Design will light up the path of future. Though the first NetDragon International Internship Program has come to an end, the fever for design still lingers on the land. In 2015, we are looking forward to young and creative people having a dream of design to join us!