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NetDragon's Mobile Phone Application 'Panda Home' a Winner at Android Network Awards

[9 September 2009, Hong Kong] NetDragon Websoft Inc. ("NetDragon", with its subsidiaries collectively the "Group"; Stock Code: 777), a leading online game developer and operator in China, is pleased to announce that its Panda Home, a mobile phone application, won the "Best Home Replacement App" award at the first Android Network Awards.

The Android Network Awards event was presented by AndroidGuys, with nominations made by more than 60 Android sites worldwide and winners selected by global users through public, transparent voting. The Panda Home application, independently developed by NetDragon, enables Android users to easily design aesthetic pleasing home screens with its simple operation model and user-friendly functionality. Panda Home, China's only domestically developed Android application to win an ANA award, has received enthusiastic responses from Android users since its introduction. The award also demonstrated NetDragon's commitment to innovation.

"The company has been attaching increasing importance to emerging market opportunities in the mobile phone application software market, which has huge growth potential. Besides the award-winning Panda Home, we have launched a series of mobile phone applications that have been well received by both users and the market, such as Panda Reader and PC Suite" said Mr. Liu Luyuan, executive director and CEO of NetDragon. "Looking into the future, we will increasingly invest in developing handset applications, utilizing our established R&D team and innovative corporate culture, while continuing to consolidate our core advantages in online game development and operation. In addition, we will seek win-win cooperation with relevant companies, to create favorable conditions for our company to grasp more opportunities in emerging markets."


About NetDragon

NetDragon Websoft Inc. is one of the leading online game developers and operators in the PRC. The Group's game portfolio comprises a range of MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) that cater to various types of players and gaming preferences. The Group has successfully developed and marketed many popular online titles of various styles. Its current offerings include the games Way of the Five, Eudemons Online, Conquer Online, Zero Online, and Heroes of Might and Magic Online, among others. Some games are available in foreign languages, including English, French and Spanish. The Group also has several games currently in development, including Tian Yuan, Disney Fantasy Online, CJ7 Online, Dungeon Keeper Online and a new version of Ultima Online.  


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