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Animated Games Design Elites in the country join the first

[X April 2008, Hong Kong] One of the leading game developers and operators in the PRC, NetDragon Websoft Inc. ("NetDragon" or the "Company", with its subsidiary collectively the "Group"; stock code: 8288.HK) has announced that it is now accepting submissions for the first "NetDragon Cup", a national design competition for animated games. The official website http://gd.91.com has now been activated. Total cash prizes from the competition will amount to RMB600,000.

The "NetDragon Cup" has been set up by the Group together with Fujian Development and Reform Commission and Fujian Yanhuang Culture Research Association. Its aim is to create a platform where high school students and elite online game players and designers can show their talents and exchange ideas about online games in China. The competition, which should help the Group cultivate new talent so as to drive further industry growth, is divided into three sections: programming, art, and strategy. The period for applying, creating productions and submitting entries is from 2 April to 25 May. From 25 May to 30 May, professional judges will assess the submissions. The Group will then invite shortlisted entrants to elaborate on and defend their submissions, after which the final winners will be selected. An awards ceremony will be held on 19 June, in the same venue in which the "2008 China Cross-Straits Technology and Projects Fair" was held.

As well as receiving cash prizes of up to RMB600,000, the winners will have the opportunity to join the "ND Game Design Experts' Forum" organized by the Group. This Forum will give participants the chance to learn from experts and technical authorities and enjoy practical training from the Group, personally experiencing the creative processes by which online games are researched, developed and operated. Mr. Liu Dejian, Chairman and Executive Director of NetDragon, commented, "By running this competition, we hope to find new talent for the online games industry. Anyone who shows excellent performance in the training programme and meets our conditions of appointment will be invited to join the Group at a challenging post and a salary above standard market rates."

Background information about NetDragon Websoft Inc.
NetDragon Websoft Inc. is one of the leading online game developers and operators in the PRC. The Group's portfolio consists of a range of MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) that cater to various types of players and gaming preferences. The Group has successfully developed and marketed many popular online games in various styles. Its current offerings include the games Eudemons Online, Conquer Online, Zero Online, Tou Ming Zhuang Online, Era of Faith, and Monster & Me. The games are available in six languages, including English, French and Spanish. The Group also has three developing games in the pipeline, namely Heroes of Might and Magic Online, Way of the Five, and Tian Yuan. NetDragon was listed on the GEM board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong on 2 November 2007 (Stock Code: 8288.HK).

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