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NetDragon and Central Motion Picture Corp. Join Hands to Create New Era for Film-Based Online Games

The Film Tou Ming Zhuang and the Online Game Tou Ming Zhuang Online will be Shown Simultaneously

FUZHOU, China, Dec. 7 /Xinhua-PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- The first domestic online game (Tou Ming Zhuang Online) based on the film of the same name, which is jointly produced by Netdragon (Netdragon Websoft Inc. (SEHK GEM 8288) and Central Motion Picture Corp., will be tested officially for the first time on December 13. China's traditional recreational industry and emerging digital recreational industry will greet the first annual show of a landmark work, and it will become another important milestone in the development of China's recreational industry.

Tou Ming Zhuang, directed by Chen Kexin, is an epic war film represented by Jet Li, Andy Lau, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Xu Jinglei. It profoundly depicts love between brothers and lovers.

Tou Ming Zhuang Online ( http://tmz.91.com/ ) is the first large and realistic Oriental epic online game in ancient costumes in China based on the Chinese night-errant culture. Thanks to the efforts of NetDragon, Central Motion Picture Corp. and the team that produced the film Tou Ming Zhuang, it vividly reproduces a disorderly society full of love and hatred under the background of the late Qing Dynasty by the super-realistic technique.

Tou Ming Zhuang Online creates the unique opposition camps of the government and bandits and has a bodyguard system that is composed of as many as one hundred kinds of bodyguards' occupations, almost all in the Qing Dynasty. Especially, it builds the first pure "brother (sister)" system in online game history, and players can truly experience the meaning of the eight characters: share happiness and share difficulties. Moreover, it contains exciting super-large battles for attacking and defending cities to let players bring their wisdom into full play.

In eager expectation of numerous players, the game was first tested internally on November 30 at 3:00pm and the response was very enthusiastic. In order to satisfy the needs of a great number of players, the game operator decided to increase the activating code for internal testing by a wide margin at that time. The enthusiasm of players not onlyshows the star effect of Warlords, but also reflects the excellent brand image of NetDragon in the online game field.

The time for developing Tou Ming Zhuang Online was very short, but the requirement for its quality was very high. "For NetDragon, it was a challenge, but an opportunity even more!" Liu DeJian, Chairman of NetDragon, noted: "This strategic cooperation between us and Central Motion Picture Corp. breaks through the conventional development pattern of the traditional recreational industry and emerging recreational industry and shows the new development direction for the game industry in particular. The success of Tou Ming Zhuang Online is just a beginning and we expect there will be more and better online games adapted from films, TV plays and novels in the future."

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NetDragon (NetDragon Websoft Inc.), established in 1999, is one of the leading online game developers and operators in China. It was first listed on SEHK GEM (Stock Code: 8288) on November 2, 2007 and was rated by Fortune China Edition as an "Excellent Employer in 2007-Company Most Suitable to Work with in China". Up to now, NetDragon has developed and operated many large online games, such as Monster and me, a 2D turn-based pets raising game, Conquer Online for players loving ancient heroism in ancient wartime, Realm of Chaos based on mythology, Eudemons Online and Zero Online, a Robot Fighting game with the theme of confrontation between robots. Meanwhile, NetDragon is developed many games targeting different kinds of players, including Happiness Q (Kaixin) Online, Tou Ming Zhuang Online, Piaomiao Online and Heroes of Might & Magic Online in order to further expand and enrich its product line.

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