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Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Fuzhou, China, NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited (HKSE: 00777) is a global leader in online community development. Standing tall among the top performers in its domestic industry, it proudly secures a spot on the prestigious Forbes Global 2000 list as a recognized "Key Software Enterprise" under China's national plan, as well as a "Cultural Industry Demonstration Base at National Level" and "Key Enterprise of National Cultural Export". Embodying innovation and cultural excellence, NetDragon has consistently made its mark by achieving a notable position in "China's Top 30 Cultural Enterprises" for three consecutive years, while also maintaining a strong presence in "China's Top 100 Internet Enterprises" for an impressive eleven-year streak. Notably, it has soared to the third position among "China's Top 100 Most Promising Enterprises" on Forbes' coveted list.

Its influence extends beyond accolades, as it is included in the esteemed Hang Seng Large-Mid Cap Index as well as the Shenzhen-Hong Kong and Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect programs. With a dedicated workforce of over 5,200 professionals spanning the globe, it has garnered recognition as an "Excellent Employer" twice by the esteemed Fortune magazine.

NetDragon has always blazed trails, creating China's renowned online gaming portal 17173.com. As a gaming pioneer, it self-developed flagship hits like Conquer Online and Eudemons Online beloved by players. The highly influential 91 Wireless mobile platform it created also proved wildly popular before selling to Baidu for $1.9 billion in 2013.

A leading developer, publisher and operator within China, NetDragon was also among the first to succeed abroad with national IP. Its self-developed games, such as Eudemons Online, Conquer Online, Heroes Evolved, and Vows of Heroes, are available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic and 11 languages across more than 180 countries. The dedication to strengthening its core strengths through self-reliant innovation is evident in its development of the C3 and S3 game engines. This accomplishment distinguishes it as one of the few companies capable of creating a comprehensive range of 2D, 2.5D, and 3D products, setting a benchmark for public online gaming services.

Over the years, NetDragon has received numerous national industry awards, including the "Overseas Expansion Award for National Games", "Top 10 Chinese Game Developers", "Top 10 Chinese Game Operators", "Top 10 Chinese Marketing Companies", and the prestigious "Golden Plume Award" from the Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film, and Television. It has also been recognized as a "Key Enterprise of National Cultural Export" by the Ministry of Commerce. In 2023, the company has shone further as one of the "2022-2023 Most Socially-Responsible Corporations in the Game Industry in China".

After over a decade's dedication, NetDragon has emerged a leader in China's digital education transformation - driving development and innovation. Its comprehensive range of education services encompasses hardware, software, platforms, and resources across all levels of education, including early-year, K-12, higher, and vocational education, as well as corporate training, non-degree programs, and lifelong learning. The ultimate goal is to create a global community dedicated to lifelong learning.

NetDragon is revolutionizing education by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technologies such as VR, AR, AI, 3D, and Big Data. Building upon its extensive expertise in the online gaming and mobile industries, it has achieved remarkable milestones in developing digital education tools and solutions.

One of the empowering tools for teachers is the professional software Edmodo Classroom, which streamlines lesson planning and delivery. Fostering creativity,VR Mysticraft provides an educational DIY VR editor equipped with an extensive library of 3D materials. The 101 Smart Classroom encompasses intelligent teaching and learning, catering to every stage from pre-class preparation to in-class engagement and post-class follow-up. Through the 101 VR Immersion Classroom, students can experience a highly interactive and immersive educational environment through the seamless integration of VR technology. Intelligent Space, a portable and easily assembled solution, enhances education resources in developing countries. The NCET Vlab brings experimental phenomena and processes to life, vividly demonstrating scientific concepts. Additionally, the EDA platform serves as an innovative public platform for smart education, aggregating a wealth of digital education resources.

In 2018, NetDragon introduced the "AI Assistant for Edmodo Classroom" to empower every human teacher with a army of virtual teaching assistants. Building on this success, in 2019, it pioneered "5G+ Education", unprecedentedly combining the power of 5G and holographic technology to create futuristic classrooms. Amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, it rose to the occasion and provided crucial distance teaching support to educators and students worldwide. As a joint effort with UNESCO IITE in 2022, the E-Library for Teachers platform now fuels teacher growth internationally. Not stopping there, NetDragon’s deep partnerships with renowned educational institutions, publishers, and top-tier universities both at home and abroad have enabled it to curate a vast array of exceptional educational resources.

NetDragon has relentlessly embraced the wave of progress. In 2016, the Government of Fujian Province entrusted it with the prestigious task of building the China (Fujian) VR Industrial Base. This catapulted it to the forefront of the VR market, setting the industry standard. The ambitious project, with a global outlook, encompasses every aspect of the VR industry, from software development and hardware production to content resource sharing, talent training, and immersive app experiences.

To solidify its position and seize a significant share of the VR/AR market, NetDragon made strategic moves. In that same year, it acquired Cherrypicks Alpha, followed by a partnership with ARHT Media. These strategic alliances propelled its growth and firmly established its presence in the dynamic VR/AR landscape.

In recent years, NetDragon’s global education strategies have expanded with great momentum. In 2015, it acquired Suzhou Chivox, a leading Chinese provider of intelligent voice technology. This enriches the company’s education products in the domains of speech assessment, automatic speech recognition (ASR), and language teaching. Additionally, the acquisition of Promethean, a renowned global educational giant, allowed NetDragon to seamlessly integrate their educational software technologies and hardware products into its acclaimed 101 product matrix. This inspired fusion has sustained its leadership of the international market in this field for many years since.

The strategic acquisitions continued in 2017 when NetDragon welcomed JumpStart, an esteemed provider of educational products, expanding its online communities even further. In 2018, it acquired Edmodo, a global learning community with an impressive user base of over 150 million registered users. Endorsed by UNESCO and designated as the K-12 online learning platform in Egypt and Ghana, Edmodo cemented NetDragon’s presence in the international education landscape. Additionally, it made a strategic investment in EiDUO, a big data smart education platform, further strengthening its education business. Thanks to these strategic investments, the company’s educational services now reach over 2 million classrooms and serve 150 million users in 192 countries and regions worldwide.

Leveraging the dynamic environment of the international Digital Education Town in Fuzhou, NetDragon is primed to establish a global content production center for digital education. This visionary endeavor aligns with the ambitious "Digital China" initiative and positions the town as a nexus for "Digital Education" and "Global Innovation". Through collaboration with leading enterprises, NetDragon fuels innovation and intelligent advancements, attracting top talent and nurturing digital education industrial clusters. The goal is to ignite a powerful engine for digital economic growth and offer impactful digital education solutions worldwide.

Listed with integrity, NetDragon consistently champions social responsibility. As an early pioneer of the anti-addiction system in China, the company has been at the forefront of its development and implementation. It advocates for a civilized internet and promotes the concept of healthy entertainment, actively participating in the construction of the self-examination system proposed by the Ministry of Culture. With a focus on children of all ages, it strives to instill traditional moral values in society, nurturing a positive cultural impact.

Furthermore, NetDragon stands among the early explorers of the Metaverse concept in China. In 2021, it embarked on the development of the first Metaverse game based on the renowned international IP, Neopets. The unveiling of the Elernity Metaverse Strategy in 2022 solidified its commitment to harnessing the potential of this emerging technology. To facilitate global collaboration and resource aggregation, the company took its overseas education business to the New York Stock Exchange.

Moving forward, NetDragon will steadfastly drive the adoption of advanced technologies in the field of smart education. Its aim is to establish a global ecosystem for innovative education, emphasizing collaboration and sharing. By expanding the boundaries of digital applications, it will wholeheartedly support the construction of "Digital China" and contribute to the high-quality development of the digital economy with determination and resilience.