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Corporate Culture

"Passion, Learning, Innovation, Endeavor, Pursuit of Excellence, Fairness, and Customer-orientation" is the DNA of the corporate culture of NetDragon as well as the cultural gene of every individual of NetDragon.


Passion is the attitude that every NetDragoner treats his work and colleagues. We are optimistic, dedicate ourselves to work and never give up; we always maintain a positive attitude and try to influence others.


Learning has been every NetDragoner's habit. We take the initiative to learn new things with the unity of knowledge and action. We also focus on self-examination and are ready to share what we know.


Innovation is the motive power NetDragon's success. We welcome changes and actively explore new fields. We dare to make attempts and sustain innovations.


Endeavor is every NetDragoner's characteristic. We actively hand up and show ourselves so that we can grasp opportunities and win the future.

Pursuit of Excellence:

Pursuit of Excellence is the working standard of every NetDragoner. We always have high aspirations and keep improving. We only compete with ourselves so as to surpass your expectation


Fairness is the working environment we strongly advocate. We respect each other, keep a frank and open mind, stay objective and impartial, and believe in the value of clear rewards and punishments.


Customer-orientation is the design and service concept of our products. We lead demands, emphasize experience, pursue a win-win situation and create values.