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    3D Online Decoration Design Software

    As a 3D home decoration design software that NetDragon has made heavy investments in, SWEET HOME is permanently free and easy to learn. It boasts of numerous 3D real house types and decoration schemes. It integrates hard and soft decoration offerings across the country, which allows for free arrangement and design by users. Additionally, the software has an embedded high-end unreal 3D game engine, where you can roam freely to experience your decoration. With several versions that are PC-, mobile- and Web-based, respectively, as well as context-aware and smart shopping, SWEET HOME opens up new decoration experience. It is the most powerful and popular decoration design software in the market.

  • NetDragon Cloud Office
    NetDragon Cloud Office
    NetDragon Cloud Office - Enterprise mobile office software suit

    From being the leader of China mobile Internet to being a pacemaker of enterprise mobile information, NetDragon is shifting its years of accumulated technical advantages and extending to industrial mobile applications. "NetDragon Cloud Office", as the first real enterprise mobile office software suit, adopts industrial leading cloud computing technology and application development technology and provides enterprise mobile informationization functional component based on in-depth customization regarding the characteristics of smart terminals. It allows work to get rid of the limitation of time, space and equipment and significantly improves efficiency through perfect integration of efficient office modules such as instant messaging, project collaboration, task management, process management, and personnel management.

    In addition, relying on the wide influence and appeal of NetDragon in the mobile application developer community, "NetDragon Cloud Office" platform continues to aggregate third-party quality enterprise applications and open standard interfaces to platform enterprise clients, allowing them to indepewwwtly integrate native applications or develop special features.

    "Mobile, open and merge", taking advantage of the mobile Internet era, NetDragon is building a brand new ecosystem of enterprise informatization market.

    NetDragon Cloud Office is an online Office System tailored for small and medium units, greatly simplifying the tedious daily office operations, increasing the degree of paperless office, and saving large amounts of expenditures on manpower and office supplies for small and medium units. NetDragon Cloud Office provides an online platform for small and medium units, with its built-in applications such as notice, group text messaging, task scheduling, customer relationship, and so on. Its functions can satisfy enterprises general office needs.

    Its main products are listed below:

    · Instant Messaging based on organizational structure

    · News Center, Press Release

    · Circle of Friends (Enterprise MicroBlog), Photo Wall

    · Task Management

    · Customer Relationship Management

    · Minutes of Meeting

    · Project Collaboration

    · Mobile Attendance

    · Questionnaire Survey

    · Workflow

  • Almanac & Weather
    Almanac & Weather
    weather-query software perfectly combing weather and almanac features

    80 million users’ choice, requisite software installed in numerous electronic markets.

    Almanac & Weather is the first free weather-query software perfectly combing weather and almanac features. The software has the following features: professional almanac, accurate weather forecast, wide-coverage of cities, data traffic saving, elegant interface, warm prompts of weather alerts, authoritative PM2.5 monitoring data. The software includes four modules—Weather, Almanac, Discover and Perpetual Calendar, allowing people to easily check the weather, almanac, calendar, fortune, auspicious day for getting married, etc. The "Discovery" module can show the current real-world scene pictures, letting you know the latest weather information of various regions without going out, which can be called a pure and pute tool for checking calendar and weather.

  • Youth Development Service Platform
    Youth Development Service Platform
    Communist Youth League Affair E-system

    Youth Development Service Platform is a real practical "Communist Youth League Affair E-system" jointly developed by Fujian Provincial Committee of Communist Youth League, Fujian provincial Young Pioneers National Working Commission and NetDragon. The platform is suitable for mainstream operating systems (Android, IOS, Web and PC), built on the identify label of "electronic Youth League member card", organizational real-name communication, and social products. It develops service business functional plug-ins and allows access of digital League construction platforms from third party systems. It precisely meets the educational informationization demands of different identities, users of different phases of studying and different appeal points. The platform has preliminarily realized organization online-building, service online-sharing, skills online-acquiring, information online-checking, home-and-school online-connecting, and growth online-recording.


    The management system of League affairs is specifically designed for members of the Communist Youth League to realize the organizational construction and efficient management of young pioneers and members the Communist Youth League at all levels. The management system also serves as an exclusive platform for publishing and spreading information, news and all kinds of activities.


    For teachers, it's a learning exchanging platform providing rich and high quality teaching resources so as to achieve cooperative office among members of the teaching and research organization. The platform also allows publishing assignments, notifications and academic record, uploading and sharing teaching resources, and organizing activities.


    No need to join it. The system automatically generates teachers and parents circle. Parents can not only instantly know their children's learning, performance, grades, etc., but also have educational exchanges with teachers and other parents.


    For students, it's a real healthy learning sharing platform. The Class Contacts is clear at a glance. Students can chat with classmates and teachers anytime and anywhere. There are some unique settings--Class Circle, Interactive Communication, Activity Sharing and Q&A, which are very interesting.

  • 91eHR
    A complete human resources management platform

    91eHR is a complete human resources management platform, covering all functions of human resources management (in addition to training), including modules such as personal information, recruitment, implementation, attendance, payment, performance, evaluation and enterprise diagnosis. The company and HR staff can clearly see all modules of human resources management, as well as its synergic relationship. It helps to build the basic foundation of enterprise human resource management framework, help enterprises realize the informationization of the whole process of human resource management, and realize all staff participation through leadership and employee self-service, laying the foundation for future strategic human resources management.

    Among them, "91 Implementation" software is developed aiming at an important part of human resources management – implementation. It is the first enterprise implementation software which takes full consideration of habits and characteristics of future technology development of local Chinese enterprises, blending the unified trend of traditional Internet and mobile Internet. It's a solution specifically designed for SMEs to enhance implementation efficiency and increase enterprise revenue.