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  • In April, NetDragon signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Wuhan Vocational College of Communications and Publishing, marking a new chapter in the integration of industry and education.
  • In April, Tang Yu, NetDragon's rotating CEO, was acclaimed as "China's Best Virtual Employee of the Year".
  • In April, NetDragon's subsidiary, Taverse, secured the highly sought-after "2024 China Best Technology Innovation Award" at the 2024 China Digital Human Industry Forum. Additionally, their digital human was honored with the esteemed "2024 China Best Virtual Streamer Award".
  • In April, NetDragon was honored as a "Cultural Industry Demonstration Base at National Level" a second time.
  • In March, NetDragon entered a strategic partnership with various stakeholders in Saudi Arabia to support the country’s educational revolution.
  • In December, NetDragon announced the completion of the merger transaction and successfully listed its overseas education business on the New York Stock Exchange.
  • In November, NetDragon completed a $20 million investment in Rokid and reached a strategic cooperation.
  • In November, NetDragon was once again listed on the "Top 100 Chinese Internet Companies" for the eleventh consecutive year.
  • In September, NetDragon was ranked among the “ 2023 Fujian’s Top 100 Innovative Private Enterprises”, “ 2023 Fujian’s Top 100 Service Private Enterprises”, and “2023 Fujian's Top 100 Private Enterprises”.
  • In September, NetDragon was listed among the Top 50 Fujian Internet Companies, marking its seventh consecutive year on the list.
  • In September, NetDragon was invited to share experience in "Education Going Global" on 10th China-Central Asia Cooperation Forum.
  • In August, with the contribution to the development of the digital economy, NetDragon's was awarded an "S" rating in terms of core competitive advantages and comprehensive strength, ranking in the top 15 of listed Chinese gaming enterprises.
  • In August, NetDragon's subsidiary Tiannuo reached a strategic cooperation with Universal Products & Experiences, jointly exploring new gameplay for the "Trolls" IP.
  • In August, UNESCO IITE, Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO), Commonwealth of Learning (COL), and other international organizations visited NetDragon's headquarters in Changle.
  • In August, NetDragon attended the Global Smart Education Conference for the eighth consecutive year and introduced Edmodo Academy.
  • In July, NetDragon was recognized as one of the Gaming Companies with Outstanding Social Responsibility.
  • In June, NetDragon was invited as the only representative from China to attend the 2023 FIRST Conference.
  • In May, VR-Crevision of Excel-Education Technology Co., Ltd., an important partner of NetDragon, won the Silver Award of Best Product Innovation in 2023 FCA Innovation Business Awards.
  • In May, NetDragon impressed the audience at the Digital China Summit for the sixth consecutive year with a one-stop experience of digital human technology and 360° immersive experience of digital art.
  • In March, the "Digital & Real Derivatives for Better Fuzhou" Meta Creative Week and a series of events were launched in Fuzhou, with Macau University of Science and Technology (M.U.S.T.) signing a Cooperation Framework Agreement with NetDragon and Tianrui partnering with Changle Culture and Tourism Investment Development Co., Ltd to jointly establish the Digital Innovation and Humanities Education Research Center and contribute to the creation of new benchmarks in digital culture and tourism.
  • In March, NetDragon entered into a strategic partnership with POOK Group to explore development opportunities in the field of e-commerce.
  • In March, NetDragon announced its 2022 annual results, with 11.8% revenue growth in a year and 34.2% YoY growth in its education business, hitting a record high.
  • In April, NetDragon announced signing of Merger Agreement to spin off overseas education business for listing on NYSE.
  • In April, NetDragon participated in the Digital China Summit for the sixth consecutive year as a "Special Contribution Cooperation Brand" and attracted attention with its digital human achievements.
  • In April, NetDragon's Promethean launched ActivPanel LX to expand its interactive display and deliver transformative technology.
  • In December, two Chinese Bunnies designed by NetDragon's subsidiary Tiannuo won the first prize. This work aims to inherit and develop Chinese traditional zodiac culture and highlight Fujian's culture and image.
  • In November, NetDragon and Kingsoft Shiyou joined forces once again to release Eudemons M 2, a new game in the Eudemons Online series.
  • In November, NetDragon announced strategic investment in Zebra Labs.
  • In November, the Top 100 Chinese Internet Companies list was announced, with NetDragon ranking for 10 consecutive years.
  • In October, VR-Crevision of Excel-Education Technology Co., Ltd., an important partner of NetDragon Metaverse, was selected as one of the 2022 East Asia EdTech 150.
  • In September, NetDragon's Promethean continued to lead the world Interactive Flat Panel Displays market.
  • In September, NetDragon Elernity built a Play & Learn Park, a building block-themed base for innovative research and study.
  • In September, Eudemons Online and A Chinese Odyssey collaborated to recreate the magical romance of the movie.
  • In September, Egypt launched a pilot program to teach Chinese in middle schools, and NetDragon used AI technology to promote Chinese language education in Egypt.
  • In September, the new Eudemons M expansion pack was unveiled.
  • In August, NetDragon officially joined the "Bored Ape Yacht Club" (BAYC) and formed a Bored Ape digital IP operation team.
  • In August, the first 3D MMO derived from the Eudemon IP started its real-name paid wipeout test.
  • In July, the 5th Digital China Summit was held in Fuzhou, with NetDragon participating as a “Special Contribution Brand Partner” for the fifth consecutive year, showcasing various products and solutions for digital education.
  • In July, NetDragon officially released the "NetDragon Metaverse Party-building" virtual space at the 2022 Digital Party-building Summit.
  • In June, NetDragon's subsidiary Promethean entered into a strategic partnership with Merlyn Mind to empower teachers in improving classroom efficiency and promoting innovative teaching.
  • In June, UNESCO IITE and NetDragon jointly launched the "E-Library for Teachers" online platform.
  • In June, NetDragon Elernity joined the China Audio-video and Digital Publishing Association (CADPA), becoming a member of the Digital Audio-video Publishing Working Committee and the Audiobook Professional Committee.
  • In June, NetDragon was included in the CSI Hong Kong Connect Internet Index.
  • In April, Digital Education Town, and NetDragon Game Product x Yongding Tulou “E-sport+” Empowering World Heritage Project won the second and third prizes in the "E-sport+" section of the 2022 Digital China Innovation Competition.
  • In March, Promethean continued to be a global leader in Interactive Flat Panel Displays ("IFPD") technology, according to Futuresource Consulting's Q4 2021 report on the World IFPD market.
  • In January, NetDragon Elernity Metaverse Organization's strategic plans were announced, focusing on building a "participatory and value-sharing" organizational form in the future.
  • In January, NetDragon was awarded the "Most Valuable Education Company" at the 6th Golden Hong Kong Stocks Awards.
  • On December 9, NetDragon launched the public beta of its new mobile game Vow of Heroes!
  • In November, NetDragon was listed among China’s Top 100 Internet Enterprises for 9 years in a row.
  • In November, the 4th Forum on China-Africa Local Government Cooperation was held. African state leaders, local government staff, heads of relevant institutions, a total of about 300 people attended the forum in a combined online and offline way. NetDragon was invited as a representative of overseas enterprises.
  • In October, NetDragon was ranked among “2021 Fujian’s Top 100 Private Enterprises” and “2021 Fujian’s Top 100 Innovative Private Enterprise”.
  • In October, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce released the list of 2021 Top 500 Private Enterprises in R&D Investment, and NetDragon was listed among top 100.
  • In September, NetDragon signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Ghana on promoting the blended learning system in Ghana.
  • On September 26, the second China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo (CAETE) was held in Changsha. China-Egypt Digital Education Achievement made by NetDragon was included in China-Africa Economic and Trade Cooperation: Case Studies and Plans.
  • In August, Elernity achieved strategic cooperation with China Science Publishing and Media Ltd. (CSPM).
  • In August, Elernity achieved strategic cooperation with Children’s Fun Publishing Co., Ltd.
  • In August, NetDragon signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Thailand on initiating the program of English Smart Class Lab.
  • In August, NetDragon was selected in 2021 China AI+ Education Innovation List in the World Artificial Intelligence Conference.
  • In July, 2021 Straits Digital Sport Competition opened in Digital Education Town.
  • In July, NetDragon was awarded as one of 2020-2021 China Game Companies with Social Responsibility.
  • In July, NetDragon joined hands with China Triathlon Sports Association to advance the construction of “Digital Triathlon Sports Town”.
  • In July, NetDragon presented an immersive party history light show in Fujian and a large-scale exhibition in Hong Kong to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.
  • In June, NetDragon and TCL signed a strategic cooperation agreement to to jointly design, develop and build benchmark teaching products for the application scenarios in Egypt and the global education market.
  • In June, NetDragon signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation with the Teacher Education Faculty of the University of Belgrade and the Institute for Educational Improvement in Serbia to launch a national teacher training program in Serbia.
  • In June, NetDragon and Autodesk Software (China) Co., Ltd. signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation to promote the application of digital technology in education by leveraging core technology advantages.
  • In April, NetDragon became a special contribution brand partner of the 4th Digital China Summit and hosted the Digital Silk Road Sub-forum.
  • In March, UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education (UNESCO IITE) and NetDragon launched the "Teacher e-Library" project to build a digital education resource platform for teachers worldwide.
  • In January, NetDragon's "Smart Classroom" solution was approved by the education authority in Sarawak, Malaysia, and adopted by the whole state.
  • November, NetDragon was among 2019-2020 China’s Top 20 Game Companies with Social Responsibility.
  • NetDragon's Edmodo was selected as exclusive online learning platform in Ghana.
  • December,Elernity joined in the a project started by Beijing Normal University to improve teacher quality and education in rural areas.
  • NetDragon won Public Welfare Award for Internet Industry.NetDragon won the New Economy - Technology Company award at the 8th Top 100 Hong Kong Listed Companies contest.
  • NetDragon won the New Economy - Technology Company award at the 8th Top 100 Hong Kong Listed Companies contest.
  • NetDragon presented in the 3rd Digital China Summit as the brand partner of special contribution and hosted the Digital Silk Road Sub-forum.
  • Global Digital Education Resource Production Base was officially launched. NetDragon will introduce global high-quality educational resources and unite upstream and downstream enterprises to build an aggregation and production center of global education resources.
  • Elernity and Sony Global Education, the education subsidiary of Sony Group, jointly launched the Japan Education Informatization Cooperation Cloud Platform.
  • NetDragon was selected as one of China’s Top 50 VR Companies in 2020 at World Conference on VR Industry held in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province from October 19 to 20, 2020.
  • NetDragon was selected as one of Fujian’s Top 30 Internet Enterprises, which is the fourth consecutive year that NetDragon has been included in the list of Fujian’s Internet Enterprises.
  • On August 5, a new generation of alliance sandbox war game Heroes Evolved Strategy Edition launched open beta test on all platforms. Li Dan, the famous talk show star, announced to be the official brand spokesman for Heroes Evolved Strategy Edition.
  • On August 5, Strait News and Elernity signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement in Fuzhou. Both sides will settle down to build an intelligent education service platform based on the app Smart Strait.
  • UNESCO and NetDragon concluded a strategic partnership.
  • On July 8, NetDragon signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with Fujian Media Group. The two sides will jointly explore the construction of a digital education platform and a relevant content development base. On the same day, Maritime Silk Road Digital Education Content Development Center and Fujian Children’s Science and Innovation Activity Base were officially launched.
  • On July 1, NetDragon’s 5G Artificial Intelligence Smart Education Application Demonstration Project and Global Digital Education Equipment Display Platform were selected among the list of Fuzhou’s First Batch of Major New Infrastructure Construction Projects.
  • On July 1, NetDragon and TQ Digital were both rated as the 2020 Fujian Provincial Leading Enterprise of Industry and Information Technology.
  • On June 15, local time, Serbian President Alexander Vucic visited the Belgrade Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Education Center established by NetDragon, the Serbian Ministry of Education and the Teacher Education Institute of the University of Belgrade. Vucic spoke highly of several smart education products of NetDragon.
  • On June 15, the Vermont Department of Education in the United States has established a partnership with Edmodo, the learning community platform under NetDragon. This is Edmodo’s first statewide cooperation program in the United States.
  • NetDragon has reached a cooperation with Yongding Tulou, a world cultural heritage site. NetDragon’s game IPs (Eudemon Online, Heroes Evolved and Conquer Online) will formally carry out interactions with Yongding Tulou.
  • NetDragon’s learning community platform Edmodo and its product Coding Galaxy were selected as the online learning platform and the programming learning solution for 10,000 K-12 schools in Thailand.
  • On May 15, China Unicom and NetDragon joined hands with 2 major national research institutions to establish a smart education joint venture - Yunqi Smart Education Technology Co., Ltd., which is committed to build a high-tech education industry cluster, assisting the construction of the national Smart Education Demonstration Zone.
  • On April 25, Elernity was selected as one of Fujian’s Unicorn Enterprises in Digital Economy.
  • In January,NetDragon signed the memorandum of understanding with Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Development concerning the construction plan of smart education in Serbia.
  • In February,NetDragon actively responded to the call of the Education Department, assisting students to study online with products and platforms of NetDragon, such as Elernity, 101 Education PPT, 3D E-textbook, Edmodo and so on. By the end of February, the MAU of Elernity has reached 4,760,000 and its daily views has exceeded 100 million.
  • In March,Edmodo was selected as one of the distance teaching platforms recommended by the UNESCO to help alleviating the influence of current global major public health emergency on education.
  • On March 16, NetDragon’s case of Flexible Teaching was published on the official site of UNESCO IITE (The UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education).
  • On local time March 20, Edmodo was selected by Egyptian Ministry of Education as the designated distance learning platform for the national K12 education system. It serves about 22 million students and 1 million teachers in Egypt.
  • On January 15, Vow of Heroes was awarded the Most Anticipated Mobile Game of 2019 in the Golden Tea Awards.
  • On January 20, China Research Institute of Big Data Application in Education was established in the Digital Education Town. CAE Academician Ni Guangnan, CAE academician Li Youping, and NetDragon chairman Liu Dejian serve as the institute’s co-president. NetDragon CEO Xiong Li and NetDragon vice-president Mo Jun Qi serve as the institute’s vice-president.
  • On January 25, Heroes Evolved released new characters coming from Japanese fantasy anime OVERLORD for both PC and mobile platforms. On the same day, Heroes Evolved Mobile was recommended in the game category of App Store.
  • On February 15, NetDragon’s wholly-owned subsidiary Elernity and the National Center for Schooling Development Programme reached an in-depth strategic cooperation agreement on developing platform for Guoyu Elernity World VR Laboratory Program, and promoting the construction and development of the digital education town.
  • On February 28, NetDragon announced to collaborate with China Unicom in “5G + Smart Education”. At the conference, NetDragon demonstrated its VR Immersive Classroom, VR Fire Safety, VR Drug Education, 101 Education PPT, and a remote interactive lecture by deploying holographic technology over 5G network.
  • On March 5, NetDragon’s wholly-owned subsidiary Elernity established and unveiled its global service center (GSC) in Fuzhou Digital Education Town.
  • On March 22, Egyptian Prime Minister Moustafa Madbouly met with NetDragon delegation led by Liu Dejian in Cairo. During the meeting, the two sides had an in-depth exchange of views on promoting digital education in Egypt.
  • In April,NetDragon innovatively developed the Pop-up Classroom. It offers excellent flexibility and can be transported easily.
  • NetDragon reached a memorandum of cooperation with Egypt to build 265,000 Pop-up Classrooms across the country in three years.
  • In May,At the 2nd Digital China Summit, NetDragon became a brand partner with special contributions and continued to host the sub-forum of Digital Maritime Silk Road, making digital education a representative of digital China to go global.
  • On June 13, the first AR guide solution developed by NetDragon for airports in mainland China is put into service in Fuzhou, promoting digital development of Fuzhou airport.
  • On July 14, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić met with NetDragon Chairman Liu Dejian at the Presidential Residence. The two parties explored the collaboration possibility for establishing company, R&D center and national digital education platform in Serbia in order to promote education reform and innovation in Serbia.
  • On August 6, Mbelwa Kairuki, Tanzania’s ambassador to China, met with Xiong Li, CEO of NetDragon in Beijing. The two parties are looking forward to their collaboration in digital education under the framework of the Belt and Road initiative and China-Africa friendship.
  • In March, NetDragon continued to cooperate with Moscow to promote educational technology and took the 2nd order of this city to provide the latest immersive interactive learning technology for over 13000 classrooms and nearly 29000 educators.
  • In April, NetDragon became the strategic partner of the First Digital China Construction Summit and held the sub-forum of Digital Maritime Silk Road.
  • On April 8th, NetDragon announced the acquisition of Edmodo to build the largest learning community in the world. Edmodo is one of the largest and most active learning community in the world.
  • On May 15, NetDragon joined forces with University of North Texas to launch NetDragon Digital Research Centre.
  • On May 29, NetDragon partnered with Beijing Normal University and University of Novi Sad, Serbia, to establish the Virtual Laboratory for Future Education.
  • On July 16, Edmodo, a subsidiary of NetDragon, partnered with IBM Watson Education to close learning gaps by using AI.
  • On July 27, NetDragon has ranked among “Chinese Top 100 Internet Companies”, released by the Ministry of Industry and Information technology and the Internet Society of China, for six years in a row, moving up to 36th position this year.
  • From August 13th to 18th, NetDragon visited Nigeria and Kenya, and jointly released the “Initiative of Digital Education in Africa” with the governments of the two countries. NetDragon will support their education service system with a national public service platform of educational resources, a national network platform for the teaching community, a national digital talent training platform and a national future education experience center. The efforts will focus on primary, lifelong and future education.
  • On September 3, NetDragon announced a partnership with LEGO Education that would give NetDragon the authority to distribute specific LEGO Education products and solutions to K-12 schools in Fujian, Guangdong, Jiangxi, Yunnan, and Guangxi provinces.
  • On November 14, NetDragon announced its strategic investment in Anhui Xueyun Education Technology Co., Ltd. (“Xueyun Education”) to further expand in education industry and increase its market coverage.
  • On November 27, NetDragon signed a triparties cooperation Memorandum of Understanding on digital education with Aspire Link, a local professional education institution in Malaysia, and the Sarawak State Government of Malaysia. The three parties will play their respective advantages to develop and improve digital education in Sarawak.
  • In January, NetDragon Huayu Education and Pearson, the world’s leading education company, have signed a strategic cooperation agreement, in Fujian Haixi (NetDragon) Animation and Creativity City, to jointly develop immersive education apps with complementary advantages.
  • On January 13, NetDragon and the Smart Learning Institution of Beijing Normal University were granted an academic permanent license of EcoMUVE by Harvard University, during the “2017 Workshop on Virtual Reality and Immersive Learning” held in Boston, MA, United States.
  • On March 7, NetDragon was included in the Hang Seng Composite LargeCap & MidCap Index (“HSLMI”). Mainland investors can also trade stocks via Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect and Shanghai-Hong Stock Connect.
  • On March 7, NetDragon announced cooperation with the City of Moscow to promote brand-new educational technology, and the Company’s interactive flat panel displays will be installed in more than 7,600 classrooms in Moscow.
  • On August 18th, NetDragon was awarded the title of Demonstration Site of Double Creations Demonstration Base of Fuzhou New District.
  • On September 1st, the downloads of mobile game Heroes Evolved developed independently by NetDragon exceeded 100,000,000.
  • On October 18th, the brand new Eudemons Online Mobile Game published jointly by NetDragon and Kingsoft Season Game Studio started all-platform open beta test.
  • In February, The world’s first VR open platform was announced at China (Fujian) VR Industrial Base Construction & Development Forum held at the Fuzhou Strait International Convention Center. The platform was released by Fujian VR Technology Development Co., Ltd., while NetDragon is responsible for the management and operation. With ultra-large scale of 3D materials and typical advantages, NetDragon will take the lead in VR.
  • In April, NetDragon and ARHT Media Inc. (“ARHT”) jointly announced that ARHT has closed the CDN$4,819,526 (equivalent to approximately HK$29.0 million) non-brokered private placement financing with NetDragon previously announced on February 26, 2016. NetDragon indirectly purchased 19,278,104 common shares in the capital of ARHT (“Common Shares”) at a price of CDN$0.25 per Common Share.
  • In April, NetDragon announced to acquire a 100% stake in Cherrypicks Alpha for US$6 million (equivalent to approximately HK$4,680). The integration of Cherrypicks Alpha's award-winning Augmented Reality (AR) technologies will boost the Company's core Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality (VR/AR) technology portfolio for its online education and gaming businesses.
  • In September, 101 Education PPT, developed by Huayu Education of NetDragon to improve teachers’ lesson preparation experience, is awarded Academics' Choice Award™ and Smart Media.
  • On October 17th, NetDragon announces that Cherrypicks, the wholly owned subsidiary of NetDragon, has signed a contract with Hong Kong International Airport to provide mobile indoor navigation services for passengers.
  • On December 5, NetDragon was included in the eligible shares listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange for trading under the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect.
  • In January, NetDragon jumped to the 3rd place on Forbes’ “China’s Listed Potential Enterprises Top 100”.
  • In January, Dejian Liu, the Chairman of NetDragon, was awarded the Special Allowance Expert in China’s State Council.
  • In February, NetDragon’s education subsidiary closed a Series A equity funding round of US$52.5 million led by IDG Capital Partners, Vertex Venture (subsidiary of Temasek Group) and Alpha Animation, at a valuation of US$4775 million.
  • In March, Smart Learning Institute was jointly established by Beijing Normal University and NetDragon Huayu, aiming to become an influential information-based application research and development center with moderate scale and develop smart learning solutions applicable for large-scale promotion after 3 to 5 years of effort.
  • In April, NetDragon Huayu’s 101 Smart Classroom made its national debut through cooperation with Fuzhou Experimental Primary School.
  • In May, At the opening of NetDragon’s “2015 Anniversary & 518 Sports Day ”, the Company announced its new logo and concept.
  • In May, NetDragon held a spot on the list of “National Top 30 Cultural Enterprises” for two years in a row.
  • In May, The robot “Intelligent Teacher” developed by NetDragon Huayu made a dazzling appearance in Qingdao International Information-based Education Exhibition.
  • In May, NetDragon announced that Simon Leung, former Microsoft worldwide senior vice president and Greater China CEO, has joined NetDragon as deputy chairman of the board of directors and the CEO of Huayu Future Education Technology Co., Ltd. Leung will be responsible for Huayu’s overall strategy development and daily operation, and also the strategic planning and development of NetDragon’s worldwide education business.
  • In May, The 12th United Nations Vesak Day Celebration was held at Mahachulalongkorn University - Biggest Buddhist university in the world. NetDragon was invited to join the celebration as the service provider of information-based mobile internet solutions to Mahachulalongkorn University.
  • In May, NetDragon announced a strategic cooperation with Fujian Property Management Association to promote the online education of property management, which marked NetDragon’s entrance into the property management industry aiming at enterprises.
  • In June, NetDragon took a series of intelligent products to strike a pose on the stage of the 13th China-Strait Project Results Trade Fair (“6.18”): 101 Smart Classroom, 99 Home, M-Learning app, CPC Star app, Voice of Volunteer app, Afu and Disciple Gauge animation, etc.
  • In June, NetDragon Huayu and Gemdale Properties reached a strategic cooperation agreement on training program for the whole property industry, creating a brand new property training model in the era of mobile internet.
  • In July, The 4th National Directors of Education Bureau Forum was held by NetDragon Huayu Future Education Technology Co., Ltd. at Haixi (NetDragon) Animation Creativity City in Changle, Fujian Province.
  • In July, NetDragon ranked on “Chinese Top 100 Technology Enterprises” for the third year in a row.
  • In July, John Tsang, the Financial Secretary of Hong Kong, led the delegation to pay a visit to NetDragon’s Headquarters in Changle – Haixi Animation Creativity City.
  • In July, Calibur of Spirit, China’s first MOBA micro-client game developed by NetDragon, achieved a PCU of over 400,000, advancing into top 3 MOBA games and attracting great attention after LOL and DOTA.
  • In August, NetDragon announced 2015 Second Quarter and Interim Financial Results which show robust gaming business performance fueled by player traction in Calibur of Spirit, and quality education products targeted for commercialization.
  • In September, NetDragon (00777.HK) announced that the Company and Digital Train had effectively obtained 192,564,960 shares, approximately 94.76% of Promethean’s total issued share, as of 15:00 on September 4, 2015 London time, making the offer unconditional.
  • In September, NetDragon (00777.HK) announced at 16:17 that afternoon to purchase all equity of Promethean World Plc. at 40 pennies per share.
  • In January, Entered into an agreement with Foxteq and Vision Knight Capital to establish a joint venture in a move to collaborate in the exploration and business operation in the online education business.
  • In May, NetDragon ranked among the 6th National Top 30 Cultural Enterprises.
  • In May, NetDragon’s “Haixi Animation and Creativity City” officially opened with the Company’s 15th Anniversary Celebrations.
  • In June, NetDragon entered into a sale and purchase agreement to acquire the mobile solutions business of Cherrypicks, a leading enterprise in mobile technology and mobile marketing in the Asia Pacific region, for an aggregate amount up to US$30.5 million, in order to form a global mobile innovation powerhouse.
  • In July, NetDragon signed a cooperation agreement with Xinhuanet Co., Ltd signed to build a nationwide non-academic public service education platform. The platform will include a broad series of courses covering employee internet training and continuing education for civil servants.
  • In August, Afu and Disciple Gauge, an animation of Chinese ancient civilization for moral education developed by NetDragon with a huge investment, made its debut on the CCTV Children’s Channel.
  • In November, NetDragon successfully organized 2014 Information-base Education Standard Conference & Strait Wisdom Education Forum in conjunction East China Normal University.
  • In August, NetDragon announced 91 Wireless Websoft Limited had entered into an Agreement and plan of Merger with Baidu(HongKong)Limited. Upon completion of the transaction, 91 Wireless should terminate its application for the proposed listing of 91 Wireless shares on the GEM of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
  • In October, Sold 91 Wireless to Baidu with consideration of US$1.9 billion.
  • In November, The Company paid the special dividend of HK$7.77 per share to shareholders whose names appeared on the register of members of the Company at the close of business on 29 October 2013.
  • In April, NetDragon inaugurated a new era of Mobile Business
  • In May, NetDragon initiated 91 Win Matrix project
  • In August, NetDragon and DeNA established a joint venture to develop and operate mobile social games for the Chinese market.
  • In December, NetDragon announced that the Board was considering the feasibility of the Proposed Spin-Off and separate listing of 91 Wireless Websoft Limited
  • In October, Honored with Asian "Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise Award" by KNOW Network
  • In December, Launched open beta test for iPad-based English Version of Conquer Online
  • In May, Launched open beta test for Disney Fantasy Online
  • In July, Launched open beta test for CJ7 Online
  • In July, Launched open beta test for Tian Yuan
  • In January, Honored with 2008 "National Outstanding Award for Internet Cultural Enterprise" by Ministry of Culture
  • In March, Launched open beta test for Way of the Five, PCU exceeds 100,000 on the first day
  • In July, Entered into agreement with EA to develop new online game-new Ultima Online
  • In September, Named as "The Best Employer of Year 2009", by Fortune Magazine (Chinese edition)
  • In May, Launched Heroes of Might and Magic Online
  • In June, Successfully listed on Main Board of The SEHK on June 24
  • In December, Entered into Agreement with EA to Develop New Online Game-Dungeon Keeper Online
  • IN December, Made an agreement to develop "Disney Fantasy Online" with Disney
  • In April, Launched the first sci-fi & robot online game in China, Zero Online
  • In November, Listed on GEM of The SEHK on 2 November
  • In December, Initiated strategic operation with China Film Group and launched Tou Ming Zhuang Online to tie-in with the movie of the same name
  • In March, Launched Eudemons Online, with "free to play" operation strategy adopted
  • In October, Insisted on self-R&D and launched 91.com, an entertainment platform for online games
  • In December, Expanded to non-Chinese market with the launch of English version of Conquer Online
  • In September, Launched Conquer Online, the most successful Chinese online game in oversea markets
  • In November, Sold 17173.com to Sohu.com Ltd. at US $20,050,000
  • In July, Launched the first MMORPG online game, Monster & Me
  • In March, Established 17173.com, which became No.1 Chinese online game portal
  • In May, NetDragon (Fujian) was established